SR 2012 Objectives (WIP Part 2)

The Warmachine Steamroller objective and flag project continues. This week was pretty good. Finished off 7 pieces.
Here are, from left to right, the Explosives Cache, Fuel Cache and Restoration Cache objectives. These were simply resin molds from Privateer that just needed to be painted up. I primed in black, which left them with an overall dark tone. I should have used white and finished them up brighter...oh well.

And here is the completed flag set. The rocky cairns were build up with cork, and the flags were donated by a group of Easterling infantry from Middle-earth. Well done, fellows...there's hope for you yet.

There's a Steamroller tournament up in St. Albert next Saturday, and I still need to make a couple of models for my list, so that will likely occupy most of this week.
'Til next time.