Inspiring Kitchens: Part III

 Hola, Bonjour, Sabahou el kheir, Haai, G'day, Selam, Guten Tag, Kaixo, Hoi, Buon Giorno.... Hello!!
Yeah, I'm in a pretty good mood today!  Who knows why though... perhaps it's the cold weather we are experiencing here in Miami, although I'll admit that gets annoying pretty quickly!  There's no one particular thing that accounts for my exuberance today, other than being alive!  Hehe...  
So anyway, my move is rapidly approaching and to be honest I'm pretty behind in my packing.  In fact, so far I have only four or five sealed boxes.  Ugh, I know I know, I better get a move on, but it's the holidays and so much is going on that it's difficult.  For example, the past week has been Art Basel here in the Miami Design District and there have been many events, including the one I attended last Thursday night to meet Dutch Artist and Designer Mariska Meijers (a post on that later), whose work I featured some time ago in this post.  Among other things, my great aunt and godmother has been in and out of the hospital since her initial surgery and it has been stressful and hectic for me and my family.  Suffice it to say I've been distracted and I'm soooo ready for this move to be done with so I can enjoy the rest of the holiday season!
However, at this very moment there is nothing I can do about my packing, or lack thereof (other than think about fast ways to tackle the packing once I get home today)...  So I'll just sit here oooh-ahhing over pretty images across the net whilst sipping my morning joe and composing more inspirational posts for your viewing pleasure!  Yes, that sounds like a good plant to me, coffee and blogging!....  Beginning with Part III of my Inspiring Kitchens series!  Enjoy!
 Inspiring Kitchen Part I Inspiring Kitchens Part II


(All images via a Google image search and House of Turquoise)