Bohemian Fashion

No doubt, I'm a Bohemian/Hippy/Gypsy at heart, whatever you may call it, it's part of my dreams, my style and my way of living life. There's something about the anything goes look that appeals to me, the mix of ethnic textiles, patterns, colors and accessories speaks to me like no other style or fashion. It's just sexy, people! :)

For me, to be bohemian means to have the courage to live life the way you want. I hope you can draw influence from this new batch of images, take from it what you will - and from there make it your own.

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Here are some great images out of a 2007 Vanity Fair spread titled "Janis Lives!"
(photographs by Craig McDean)

Funkilicious love!

One can never have enough rings <3>

"You got to get it while you can!" - Janis Joplin

Here's some eye candy from a 1992 Vogue magazine piece called "Gypsy Soul"...

Oh look, isn't this that Misha Barton girl?
Ooooh....pretty peacock feathers :)

I absolutely love this image.... so cool...

Love the fashion, but this girl looks like such a drama queen, hehe....

Gorgeous textiles...

Look! Another gypsy caravan! But this is a photo shoot fake one since we all know gypsies would never care to iron their clothes.... ;)

I like this model, she looks so pretty in all her Native American like get-ups....

And for last, doesn't she look chic? Minus that cigarette, she is rockin' the look!

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(All images via a Google key word image search and WeHeartIt)