Art Prints And Renegade Craft Fair

So, here I am on a Saturday afternoon, jammin' to the Beatles on Pandora and surfing through an array of sites including my Gmail, Craigslist, eBay, Facebook and then my favorite blogs such as Design*Sponge, SFGirlByBay, and others... And suddenly I notice a banner on SFGirlByBay for a Renegade Craft Fair! To say the very least, I am pretty disappointed that this Renegade Craft Fair only takes place in Brooklyn, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. Bah! Get with the program Miami, sheesh.
Anyway, all the other fairs have passed this year except for the Chicago Fair, which takes place this upcoming weekend of September 12th & 13th at Wicker Park. Hmmm... It's so soon, but I would love to go... Not to mention, I have really been wanting to go to Chicago for a while. Artistic communities galore, so I hear. That's where I want to be! So, if you're in the Chicago area or would otherwise be able to attend, check this out...
Renegade Craft Fair
Also take a look at the Renegade Handmade Store for online goodies =)
The store features handmade items from various artists, including these funky prints by Matte Stephens, a painter from Portland, Oregon:
"Happy Owl"(print)"Neato Owl"
For more Matte Stephens, check out the following:
Matte Stephens blog
Matte Stephens Etsy Store MatteArt
Prints @ Poster Cabaret
Here are some additional Stephens' prints that I really like:
"Lord Admiral Hiratio"
"New Orleans"(print)
"Dancing"(original painting)
"Pologne Bird"
"The Duchess of Deauville"(print)
While on I came across some adorable print art by an artist named Laura George! Wow! I love her style, here, see for yourself....

"Beard of Love"
"Bonsai Portrait"
"Gibran Tree"
"Hookah Party"
"Lumilop Band 1"
"Lumilop Band 2"
"Sumo Clearing"

"Mushroom Friends"

"One-Two-Three Guitar"
"One-Two Hookah"
"Skyfall" - green

Be sure to check out her entire shop, LauraGeorge @
And just to wrap up this overflow of images, here are a last few art prints I liked from Poster Cabaret...
"Recuerdos" by Alberto Cerriteno
"The Enamored Owl" by Alberto Cerriteno
"Peacock 2" by Nate DuvalMogwai Concert Poster" by Doublenaut
"Road Trip" by Delicious Design League


I'm on a roll today, so I'll most likely be posting more later on in the day... Right now I'm off to do my weekend bargain hunting, I can still hit up a Goodwill or two! Hahahaha... ;)
Have a great afternoon!
(All images in this post are individually cited and sourced from individual artists.)